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To coordinate students efforts and to achieve better results, the College has instituted various Committees in March 2019. The Committtees will strive towards bringing  quality improvement in all aspects of students life and progress of the Institution as a whole. The following  are the newly constituted committees and their objectives

The Annite Welfare Committee

  • To organize personal , financial and academic assistance for students.
  • To provide counselling in personal and academic matters.

The Finance Committee

  • To decide  about finances, planning of the budget and management of the financial administration.

The Teaching, Learning & Assessment Committee

  • To ensure congenial environment in the classroom for teaching-learning process.
  • To check and evaluate  the progress of students each semester.
  • To organize add on courses / certificate courses  to enhance the skills of the students.
  • To  organize Training and Placement Drives for the Final Year Degree and MBA students.

The Library Committee

  • To ensure student discipline in the library and its environs.
  • To supervise the smooth functioning of the issue of books, journals, magazines etc.
  • To ensure qualitative and quantitative  use of library facilities.

The Infrastructure Committee

  • To improve and maintain  facilities  and to provide  better amenities for the staff and students.

The Managing Committee

  • To decide  the matters of planning the policies, finances and the administration of the College. 

The Examination  Committee

  • To ensure smooth functioning of the Internal assessment, and Board Examinations.
  • To take an active role in framing instructions for Invigilators and students.             

The Staff welfare Committee

  • To facilitate the intellectual growth of the staff by encouraging participation in workshops, seminars  and presentations on and off campus.
  • To arrange recreational activities like the annual staff picnic, pot luck,  etc.

The Student Records Committee

  • To document the academic performance and progression of the students.
  • To assist slow learners by organizing remedial and special classes.
  • To draw out the inner abilities and potentials of the students and to ensure effective functioning  of various club activities.
  • To arrange Educational/ Industrial Visits or Tours/ field trips.

The Newsletter Committee

  • To keep record of curricular, co-curricular/extra curricular activities, extension and outreach programmes taking place in the college.
  • To publish the e-newsletter periodically.

The Best Practices Committee

  • To design and implement “Best practices” for holistic development of the students and the growth of the Institution.
  • To conduct outreach progammes.

.The Academic Committee

  • To design and implement the Academic Activity calendar for each semester.
  • To document Teaching Dairy and Lesson plans of the each  semester.
  • To ensure completion of the syllabus in time.
  • To organize Add-on courses / Certificate Courses  to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.
  • To document year wise activity and prepare Annite Diary  in PPT form.


The Discipline and Value Formation Committee

  • To monitor the punctuality and regularity of the students’ attendance.
  • To  maintain order and discipline in the College premises.
  • To help staff and students to internalize the mission  and Core values of the College and to translate it into action.                 

The Steering Committee

  • To put into practice quality initiatives for the growth of the students and the effective functioning of the College.
  • To institute IQAC and streamline record keeping.

The Research & Extension Activities Committee

  • To organize intra and inter institutional seminars and workshops to foster research and innovative culture among students and staff.
  • To encourage innovative thinking among staff and students.
  • To implement innovative ideas for the welfare of all stakeholders.

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